2020 January 24th   Prof. Baumgartner , President elect of the Collegium - CORLAS



2020 January 24th   MyScience.at



2019 August 3rd

Laryngoscope Paper (free access)  - Long‐Term Outcome of Hearing Rehabilitation With An Active Middle Ear Implant

Dr. Faris Brkic and Prof.Baumgartner



2019 July 29th

Worlds 1st Paper about ADHEAR in children - Doz. Milan Urik and Prof.Baumgartner

International Journal of Pediatric OtorhinolaryngologyVolume 126, November 2019, 109614



2019 July 12th

Prof. Baumgartner in den Vorarlberger Nachrichten | VN.at- Diabetes schadet auch dem Gehör



2019 June 24th

DiabetesHörverlust – Public Health PR-Projektgesellschaft - Prof. Alexandra Kautzky-Willer und Prof.Baumgartner



2019 June 11th

Deutscher HNO-Kongress 2019 in Berlin mit Prof. Baumgartner



2019 May 23rd

Nicht ohne meine Horchis! - hello familiii 

Der kleine Paul und Prof. Baumgartner



2019 March 29

HNO-Frühlingsfortbildung - Med Uni Wien mit Prof. Baumgartner



2019 March 23

Gesundheitsratgeber- Tabuthemen mit Prof. Baumgartner



2019 March 19

A Randomized Cross-over Trial Comparing a Pressure-free, Adhesive to a Conventional Bone Conduction Hearing Device

1st ADHEAR paper - Dr. Valerie Dahm and Prof. Baumgartner

Otology and Neurootology:  https://europepmc.org/abstract/med/30907785


2019 February 10th

Gala Advances TAU-Austria Medical Cooperation mit Prof. Baumgartner



2019 January 29th

Article- Global Player in Sachen Hören- Prof. Baumgartner



2018 December 11th

12. Symposium Update pädiatrische HNO    mit Prof. Baumgartner        http://www.kinder-hno.at

2018 December 8th

Prof. Baumgartner in Meryns Sprechzimmer

MERYNS Sprechzimmer - ARD-alpha | programm.ARD.de



2018 December 5th

Prof. Baumgarnter zu Gast bei Prof. S Meryn

ORF III Sendung: Künstliche Körperteile - Segen oder Fluch der modernen Medizin



2018 November 16th

South African ENT Conference with Prof. Baumgartner



2018 October 10th

62. Österreichischer HNO-Kongress 2018 in Bregenz mit Prof. Baumgartner



2018 October 5th

Long-Term Outcome of Hearing Rehabilitation With An Active Middle Ear Implant   Paper - The Laryngoscope

https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/lary.27513     Dr. Faris Brkic and Prof. Baumgartner


2018 October 4th

Altersmedizin mit Prof. Baumgartner



2018 October 4th

Pressegespräch Österreichischer HNO Kongress 2018 - Prof. Baumgartner



2018 September 10th    Prof. Baumgartner zu Gast im Club ALPHA



2018 September 7th

Minimal Reporting Standards for Active Middle Ear Hearing Implants

Paper Prof. Hannes Maier und Prof. Baumgartner     Audiology and Neurootology 2018 (free access)



2017 December 12th        Prof. Baumgartner, President of the HEARRING



2014 December 10th

ORF III Broadcast - TV Documentary film  " HÖRE DIE WELT"  ORF III  21:45  in German Language http://tv.orf.at/program/orf3/20141210/723827001


Dec 4th 2014

Premier Viewing of new TV-documentary "HÖRE DIE WELT" in German language. ORF III Production from Dr. Markus Voglauer concerning all aspects of hearing disorders and their treatment. The 45 minutes documentary film was previewed on thursday Dec 4th at the Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna. Besides a high number of patients and their relatives also the filmmakers Dr. Voglauer, the complete ORF team and ORF III Director Peter Schöber were present. The documentary was filmed in at the ENT University Departments in Bochum, Innsbruck, Munich and Vienna, as well as in a lot of patients homes and at the "Cochlear Implant Austria" summer week in Velden. Special premier guests were Univ.Prof. W Gstöttner (Vienna), Univ.Prof.P Zorowka (Innsbruck), Univ.Prof. WD Baumgartner, MBA (Vienna & Stockholm) and Dipl.Ing. E Thurner (Med El). The first broadcast will be at ORF III  (Austrian Television) on Wednesday Dec 10th at 21:45. 



Monday Nov 17th 2014:

1st MED EL VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE Type 503 in Austria implanted !

The Vibrant Soundbridge 503 ist the latest generation of the Vibrant Soundbridge implantable hearing aid, which original version was first time implanted by Prof Hugo Fisch at the ENT Univ.Department Zürich in 1996.

Now in 2014, Med El launched the latest version of the improved Vibrant Soundbridge type 503.

This implantable hearing aid is MRI compatibel at 1.5 Tesla and has a new digital Audio Processor named Samba.

The Samba Processor is available in different colours and graphics and is bluetooth compatible, especially for cell phone´s.

Prof. Maurizio Barbara (ENT University Dep. Rome) acted live on Nov 14th, for the worldwide first implantation.

The worldwide second implantation (the first in Austria) took place in Vienna on Monday Nov 17th and was performed by Prof. Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner and Prof. Wolfgang Gstöttner. Both surgeons already performed the very first Soundbridge Implantation in Austria in 1998.








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